Joseph Bastedo

Birthplace: ?
Birth date: 1657
Died: ?
Married: 1696
Judith Bastedo RYKE, b. Abt 1680, F. Hendrick Rycken M. Femmetje Peters


Lowys (Louys / Lewis) Bastedo b. Abt 1705 Christened: 1707 Witnessed by Jan De Pue & wife

Rossanna Bastedo b. 1707 Christened: 3 Jul 1707 God father Louis de Bois & God mother Eva Morgan

Joseph Bastedo b. 1711 Christened: 26 Jul 1711 Witnessed by Doncklin Oliver and Mary Oliver (Isebrant Van Cleef and his wife Jannetie scratched out)

Jan Bastedo (son) b. 1714 Christened: 4 May 1714 Witnessed by Johan Simes and Catharina De Pue

Maria Bastedo b. 1717 Christened: 18 Jun 1717 Baptized by Domeny Freeman God father LoWyi Debo God mother Pieternal Bottelaar

Pieter Bastedo b. 1719 Christened: 18 Oct 1719

Joseph Bastedo came to and lived on Staten Island New York from 'unknown'.

Lived on the NW part of Staten Island in 1690.

Recorded "his cattlemark" 12/8/1694.
Richmond County Records - Liber A
Page 25
Staten Island Cattle Marks - 1694 decemb 8th
"Joseph Bastidoe his marke with a Crop on the neare year" (crossed out)

Applied for license to sell spirits in 1712.
History of Richmond County - Bayles
Page 134
September 3rd 1717, all the retailers of strong liquors were summoned to
appear before the court of general sessions to show by what authority they
retailed; therefore appeared " Maruis Williams, Jean Brown, Anthony Wright,
Barnt Symerson, Danial Lane, John Garrea, David Bisset, Cornelius Eyman,
Lambt Garritson jun., Benjn Bill, Jacob Johnson, Issac Symerson, Joseph
Bastido " thirteen in the whole county.

He was a road suveyor in 1709 and in 1720, and his land on "Boks Hills" (Bucks Hill) is mentioned in 1716.

Joseph seems to have left Staten Island soon after for in 1722 his cattlemark was given to Walter Dongan, he "having some time ago left this county."
Baptismal records show his presence as late as 1719.

STATEN ISLAND AND ITS PEOPLE, by C.W. Long and W.T. Davis, Lewis Publishing Co., NY 1930, page 838

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