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Joseph Bastedo

Birthplace: ?
Birth date: 1657

Jan Bastedo

Birthplace: Staten Island, New York
Birth date: 1714

William Bastedo

Birthplace: So. Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.

Birth date: 12/12/1754

Peter Bastedo

Birthplace: So. Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.

Birth date: 10/7/1800

James M. Bastedo

Birthplace: Middlesex County, NJ

Birth date: 3/13/1832

Vores James Bastedo

Birthplace: Genoa, New York

Birth date: 12/14/1858

Glenard Elsworth Bastedo

Birthplace: Placerville CO

Birth date: 02/09/1894

Dewey Darrell Bastedo

Birthplace: Snohomish WA

Birth date: 04/29/1940

Richard Darell Bastedo

Birthplace: Longview WA

Birth date: 03/22/1959

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Assembling this data has been an ongoing interest of mine since about 1975.
I first asked my parents and then my Grandmother, Pearl Bastedo all of whom gave me varying stories.
Later I was told that my Great Aunt Alice had family history information, and I got some late 1800's details from her.
After this I started looking online, first in BBS groups and then on FidoNet. Finally on the Internet.
Of course there is still much to learn, and these pages will continue to grow as more information becomes available.

Special thanks to Barbara Bastedo Cain, Don Bastedo, Christine Bastedo Brunner, Naomi Van Noy, Lisa Maze, Dan Bastedo, and all who have helped me on this quest.

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