William Bastedo

Birthplace: So. Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.
Birth date: 12/12/1754
Died: 11/10/1843 in So. Brunswick, NJ.
Margaret Selover on 7/18/1784 in Dutch Neck, NJ.
Margaret was born 7/12/1764 in Middlebush, Somerset Cty., NJ; d. 2/19/1851 and is buried in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Kingston, NJ
William fought in the Revolutionary War for the Middlesex Militia (more to come...)
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Ann Bastedo, b. 12/21/1785; d.?. She married John Johnson on 6/28/1806

Gertrude Bastedo, b 10/6/1788 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. ?.
She married Elias Mershon in Kingston, NJ.

William Bastedo, b. 1/9/1791 in So. Brunswick; d. 10/16/1830
married Catherine Steward 2/23/1814, Cranbury Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, NJ.

Catharine Bastedo, b. 6/25/1793 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. 11/22/1883 in Kingston, NJ.
She married John T. Rule about 1816

Margaret Bastedo, b 3/1/1795 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d.?.
She married William Hoagland on 9/24/1816 in Cranbury Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, NJ

John Stanle Bastedo, b. 2/21/1797 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d.?

Thomas Von Tillburg Bastedo, b. 11/21/1798 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. 10/1/1866 in So. Brunswick, NJ.
Buried in Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Kingston, NJ.
He married Huldah Anderson on 7/1/1826. He married again on 2/18/1851 to Mary Slover.

Peter Bastedo b. 10/7/1800 in So. Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ; d. 5/9/1870 in So. Brunswick, buried in Kingston, NJ.
He married Rebecca Ann Higgins on 12/31/1821, Kingston Presbyterian Church, b. 12/6/1806; d. 9/7/1885

Sarah Bastedo, b. 10/28/1802 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d.?

Mary Bastedo, b. 1/18/1805 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. 12/24/1888.
Buried in Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery. She married Samuel Rule

George Bastedo, b. 2/2/1808 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. ?

Elizabeth Ann Bastedo, b. 5/17/1810 in So. Brunswick, NJ; d. 4/19/1857
Buried in Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery
She married William E. Breece on 3/14/1829.

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